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Offers gentle cleansing and eliminates skin oils, effectively preparing your client's skin for the bonding process.


  • Gentleness: Medical grade
  • Base: Alcohol
  • Residue: None
  • Cleanup: None
  • Flammable


  • Walker Tape®'s 99% Alcohol serves as an effective agent for cleansing and degreasing surfaces, including the skin of clients. It plays a vital role in preparing both the workspace and tools, enhancing the effectiveness of the installation and ensuring optimal adhesion for clients. This product should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry environment with good air circulation and controlled room temperatures between 60 to 80°F (15 to 27°C). Ensure the bottle is always tightly sealed. When properly stored, this liquid can remain effective for up to six months.

    Usage: To use, dampen a Sponge Brush with 99% Alcohol and lightly coat either the client’s scalp or the desired area for sanitization. Allow the alcohol to dry for a few moments. In the case of hair system application, first use the 99% Alcohol, follow with a scalp protector, and then proceed with the tape or adhesive. A patch test is advised before regular use.

    Safety Information: This product is highly flammable and should not be used or stored near any sources of heat, sparks, or open flames. Always use it in well-ventilated areas. Keep the lid firmly closed when not in use. Do not apply it to skin that is broken, cut, or irritated. This alcohol is intended for external use only and should not be ingested. Avoid contact with eyes and keep it out of children's reach. Before extensive use, it's recommended to test it on a small area. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark, and dry space, maintaining a temperature between 60 to 80°F (15 to 27°C).

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