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For adhesive residue removal that prioritizes your skin's safety and health, the Ultra Safe formula from Pro Hair Labs is the solution. This product is tailor-made for removing adhesive from the skin, and is meticulously crafted to be free from harmful chemicals, toxins, or other potentially damaging ingredients. Ultra Safe is designed not just as an effective adhesive residue remover, but it also focuses on soothing and protecting the scalp during the process. Emphasizing a safety-first approach, Pro Hair Labs ensures that Ultra Safe will consistently treat your skin gently and effectively.

In creating Ultra Safe, Pro Hair Labs deliberately avoids using citrus or alcohol, understanding that these ingredients can disrupt the skin's PH balance and stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce oils that could adversely affect cosmetic bonding. This careful formulation guarantees a flawless bond every time, offering a dependable choice that you're likely to prefer consistently over others.

Ultra-Safe 16oz

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